December 6, 2008

On being a little ‘down’

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For millenia, the male fear of not “rising” to the occassion has plagued many. Here are some folk remedies used through history.

  • Sumerians: In a technique no doubt created by the lads, one technique described in an early Sumerian text was to spend a week living with — and sleeping with –the wife’s sister in a tent at least 40 cubits from the village.
  • Incas: Rubbing the affected (or unaffected, if you will) area with gravel trod on by a pregnant mule was one technique early European missionaries reported.
  • British: One witchfinders guide from the 1600s said one way witches used to cure male problems was to take a small gudgeon fish and insert it in the rectum of an afflicted male whilst he bites into a mandrake root. No word on whether the fish was alive before or after the process.
  • Calveranians: An early king in this enemy of classical Greece was said to have sacrificed a child every time he had ‘inadequacies’, although this might have been propaganda on the part of orator Demosthenes.