About these lies

Everything on this site, including this sentence, is a lie.

My name is David Manning (lie). I’m a Brixton-based designer (lie, lie) and Web junkie (true).

I created this blog to prove a point: The internet is ridiculous. People can talk all they want about ‘Web 2.0’, ‘the death of authority’, and ‘wiki-every-damn-thing’, but it’s all rubbish. You can say whatever you want and someone will repeat it, whether it be an half-baked opinion about Iran or if Sarah Palin thinks Africa is a country.

It’s not new news that the internet has a lot of mad crap in it, but let’s make a game out of it. I’m going to post my ‘trivia facts’ and we can all watch to see where they pop online. Let’s find those people too lazy to read the word ‘lies’ in the corner of the page before repeating whatever nonsense I type.

For my part, none of my ‘facts’ will slander any living person, although I might include a few names of public figures to lend some authenticity to my silliness. When I do include a name, it will usually be a pun, a joke, or taken from whatever book I’m reading at the moment. All characters are fictional. No similarities to any person living or deceased should be construed.

So, if you want to play the game with me, let’s go!


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