February 28, 2009

Community College of the Stars

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John A. Logan College in Illinois, USA,  has the most Pulitzer Prize winners of any USA community college (similar to a secondary school or tech college rather than Uni).

The three winners are Donald Goines, Kilgore Trout (of Vonnegut fame) and Lena Pukalie.

Not bad, eh?


February 21, 2009

Lots of synonyms

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We all know about the 500 Eskimo words for ‘snow’ and the 40 French words for ‘bread’, but here are a few more languages with a weird amount of words for specific things.

  • Greek: Nine for ‘grape’
  • Irish (Gaelic): Twelve for ‘fornication’
  • Italian: Six for ‘revenge’
  • Swiss: Fourteen for ‘peace’

Well, I’m off to buy some ‘kolpina’ and ‘pain aux tresse’. Hope your enemies don’t get ‘focaccina’ on you. ‘Pacen’ to all and let’s all ‘iasc’ tonight.

February 11, 2009

Mysteries of the Female Body

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WARNING: This is a more risque post than most, so mind your kids.

One of the earliest ‘sexperts‘ in history is Bombay-born mystic Ravichandra Chandahar (Third Century A.D.), the man who claims to have perfected telepathic orgasms.

An early proponent of the Kamashastra tradition, which most famously were included in the Kama Sutra, Chandahar claimed to have identified 483 erogenous zones on the female body. Some of the more notable ones include:

  • Where the muscles meet in the woman’s armpit
  • The tip of the second-smallest toes on each foot
  • The webbing between the pinkie and ring fingers
  • The upper part of the earlobe

Chandahar said proper manipulation of any of those alone could make a woman climax within minutes.

If that doesn’t leave the gals gagging for it, Chandahar also claimed he could give a woman an orgasm by mentally accessing her chakras, in essence telepathic orgasms.

Wouldn’t that be a lovely party trick?

February 9, 2009

Facebook group

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We have a Facebook group!

A mate of mine from America (all right, so he’s an e-mail friend) has started a Facebook group about the site! Click on the link above and join up!

Also, don’t forget to ‘friend’ me!

February 8, 2009

Naughty, Naughty Ungulate

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One of the most (ahem) interestingly named animals around is the Filipino Molesting Tapir (tapirus filipansi).

The animal, native to a small area around Manila, Philippines, is called the molesting tapir not because of any sexual cravings, but because of the Spanish ‘molestar‘, which means ‘to bother’ or ‘to annoy’. The tapir is a notable pest, not only not afraid of man, but often seeking out people to beg food from.

The tapir made the IUCN 2008 Red List of Threatened Species due in part to its man-seeking nature, which makes it easy prey for hunters.

February 2, 2009

They died HOW????

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Greek philosophers Hylopetes and Alcesacles were reportedly killed in 400 BCE after Hylopetes attempted to jump from a great height into a large trough of water. Alcesacles, fearing his friend was aimed to miss the trough, tried to push it under Hylopetes but instead, tumbled into it and drowned. Alcesacles was right. Hylopetes did miss the container.